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Car Killer

Postby crit25615 » Mon Mar 14, 2011 7:46 pm

Road Crime and Traffic Accident figures are horrendous. In ANY country.

Cop chases have become a spectator sport.

Saving lives requires taking power back out of the hands of the driver.

We can trace cars and we can chase cars, but we need to be able to Kill Cars. Remotely.

Think about it: you know one has been stolen and is buzzing through the 'burbs with some cackling meth head at the wheel. Instead of a protracted chase with attendant risks to civilians and cost to the tax-payer, you just enter a kill code into the standard mobile communications network, the code is picked up by the universally installed Car Killer inside the car and 'PHUT' the engine dies. Cackling meth head pootles to the curb, and hopefully steps right out of the car into the path of an oncoming pick-up.

What actually is the Car Killer? Not sure - not a mechanic. But I would suggest something that can shut and lock down the engine - attaching to the fuel feed, the essential fuel ignition system, or to the engine itself. The engine needn't be permanently damaged of course - just make it necessary for the driver to contact the police and/or visit a certified mechanic.

Instead of chasing kill-happy lunatics, the police could concentrate instead on fighting the illegal kill-switch disabling industry - checking that passing cars have bona-fide Car Killer registration signatures.

I humbly propose that the cost of universal installation of Car Killer devices would still be less than the cost of fighting current levels of vehicular crime.

Save a toddler: Kill a Car!

...thank you.
(shuffles papers and retires amid horrified silence)
Name: Clynt Keelan
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Re: Car Killer

Postby crit25768 » Mon Apr 11, 2011 5:19 pm

very good idea. The science is there as evidenced by the "bait cars" which are seen often on World's Dumbest Criminals." I admit I'm guilty of watching.
Name: Genevieve Barnes
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