Human Photosynthesis!

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Human Photosynthesis!

Postby crit22551 » Thu Dec 16, 2010 2:16 pm

What if either human melanin (natural skin pigment) could be replaced with chlorophyll through genetic engineering, or if people could be inoculated with an engineered microbe (an algae derivative, perhaps) that lives in the skin, so photosynthesis could take place in humans? If human beings could produce their own food and oxygen like plants through
Human photosynthesis, at least three problems would be either solved or mitigated:

1. World Hunger
Mass gene therapy/inoculation would allow starving populations around the world to subsist on sunlight. This might not satisfy their stomachs, but it would prevent mass death by starvation. This would transform Africa.

2. Food and Oxygen supplement for extended space travel
Chlorophyll-enhanced space travelers would need much smaller food stores on board spacecraft. Less mass=less fuel used and less expensive space cargo, not to mention a margin for survival if something went wrong that kept them in space longer than expected. Imagine ships designed with sunbathing areas.

3. Preventing Sunburn
Replacing melanin with chlorophyll would make human skin function like a large green plant. People would crave the sun as we crave our favorite foods now.

4. Conquering Obesity
If we didn't need to eat, and our appetite for food lessened in a corresponding way, obesity would become an affliction of the past. Who knows, with the combination of healthier, more attractive bodies, and the craving for sunlight, perhaps clothing would become obsolete in warm climates. Imagine a future world populated by slim, naked, green people!
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