Using our brains

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Using our brains

Postby tellurium » Wed Jan 26, 2011 3:08 am

10 Every so often a brain comes along that is used to make life better. Yet an awful lot of brains never get that chance. I would like to see started - and the technology is already available - a database with details of every child born from 2011 on. On that database would be details of everything a child needs to thrive and fulfil its potential. Every child would be regularly assesssed on its strengths and any areas needing help. And if regular checks show that any child is not receiving what it needs, steps would be taken to help the child's carers supply what is missing. And I mean every child, no matter whether they live in a developed country or not. Leaders of every country would be required to explain and do something about it if any child was not receiving proper nutrition, (and that would include children who do not lack food, but are fed crap) was not being offered or taking advantage of a thorough education, or was not able to take advantage of medical expertise when needed - again, even in developed countries, where some people can't access medical help because they can't afford it.
Once this database is up & running, I would like to see all children added to it, and eventually all people of any age. We need all the brains and talent we can muster if humanity is to survive - actually, if life is to survive, and it's time we stopped wasting the best thing that ever evolved - the human brain.
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