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Need a hierarchy

PostPosted: Sat Oct 17, 2009 4:18 am
by admin
I have zero doubt the initial hierarchy of categories/topics that I'm creating is woefully inadequate. Can anyone suggest a better structure, one that covers the gamut of areas in which one might create new products/services, neither so broad that it's jammed, nor so narrow that cross-fertilization of ideas is inhibited?

Re: Need a hierarchy

PostPosted: Mon Oct 26, 2009 8:03 pm
by Impstar
I think the current structure is okay for starters; I think that on a healthy forum, people will suggest new forums as experience shows a need for them, so maybe hierarchical adjustments will come later.

Re: Need a hierarchy

PostPosted: Thu Dec 30, 2010 11:26 pm
by RichardAlison
I think a general "writing technique" forum would be good. Wasn't sure where to post my last post.

Re: Need a hierarchy

PostPosted: Fri Dec 31, 2010 11:04 am
by RichardAlison

I know you posted this question a long time ago :)

One thing I would say is that until more people are using the forums, probably better to have fewer forums rather than tonnes. Then when more people are on them, then with demand perhaps subdivide, but until that point, I think it would better to combine most of the current subdivisions into a few forums. This makes it more welcoming to initiate posting if you think you're more likely to get your post read, makes the forum look a bit busier. There are so many divisions and subdivisions that the chance of someone going through all of them are fairly slim.

A slight note - I'm not sure how the other workshops on are going, but perhaps the SF bias in the forum might scare people away who aren't into genre writing? Sure, if people are scared of SF this is probably the wrong place for them anyway :) Re: the as yet unused Arts forums, probably best to lump them all in together, or get rid of them until they're demanded again? Or perhaps gradually reintroduce them, but trying to stir up a bit of traffic in each one as you do?

So something like:

* Help & Suggestions - links to FAQs, answers to questions, suggestions for changes/improvements to any aspect of the Critterverse. I don't think the forum itself needs three forums to talk about itself.

* Best Idea Contest - (when the contest done, I'd put it as a subdivision in another folder, maybe in a SF/F/H one if that has enough specific demand)

* Wishes for the future (probably put it in SF/F/H folder if the need for a separate folder arises - I accept that it probably will if forum traffic picks up much).

* Writing Technique & Life - (if people want to talk about genre specific technique they can put it in the title) so requests for cowriters etc could go in here too. (connections bit)

* What's New: Science and Technology

* What's New: Arts and Culture

* Volcano Lounge - combine two "off topic" forums, into a no flame zone - flaming is a waste of people's lives :)

* Critique forums - I think these are great - I think it would be nice if you could get into them with your standard forum password though. Is there any way of linking knowledge of who's submitted what critiques or pieces to the forum so that the log in will allow the right people in? (I'm no programmer so have no idea if this is feasible!) I think the more seamless it is the better.

So, as always this is just a load of ramblings based on partially remembered articles I read on the internet a few years ago. Sorry for unpolished nature of this post, if I spend too long on forum posts I tend to delete them!

Re: Need a hierarchy

PostPosted: Sat Jan 01, 2011 5:34 am
by Omniscient POV
RichardAlison wrote:I think a general "writing technique" forum would be good. Wasn't sure where to post my last post.
Good idea.

Need a way to know if critique forums are ACTIVE

PostPosted: Thu Jul 07, 2011 1:57 am
by crit25564
Whenever I've looked at a forum for a particular critique, I've seen nothing. But for all I know I've missed some good discussions. It really should be one of the most powerful tools on Critters, if people could be drawn in to participate more. I would really like to see

(1) critique forums "seeded" with a post containing the full text of all the critiques about that story

(2) notification by e-mail if a human being actually posts something to the individual forum for something I critiqued

(3) (this might be hard) When I log into the forums, I'd like to see a folder containing all the critique forums for all the stories I've critiqued, and only those stories, with the most recently edited at top.

Thanks for asking!

Re: Need a hierarchy

PostPosted: Mon Jul 29, 2013 8:41 am
by crit29401
My brother works in a library from whence I am able to access the internet for free - in this particular library there is one general fantasy/sf/horror section, another fiction section and a non-fiction section. In other libraries this is not the case, some have whole sections devoted to westerns or romance, another had this small everything fiction section hidden away in a corner (it did not contain everything, but did contain many books I had not found elsewhere)

My suggestion is to go with what you have a lot of.

I have noticed that all visual arts are woefully under-represented here, they could be one section for now - if needed we could add subsections. I don't believe in "mainstream fiction" - that could possibly be diversified - and fantasy, sf and horror are difficult since it sometimes becomes difficult to draw clear lines between the genres - compounded by writers crossing these lines themselves quite often. Perhaps you could look for target readers there (even though a writer never gets to choose who reads their work) something like "stoned fiction", "acid trip fiction", "PG fiction" and "18V fiction"?
I don't know exactly how things would or should work, my suggestion is simply to break up the busy messy bits and to squash the unused bits together, changing this as needed.