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CritTech question - 10080947 - some work for the minions

PostPosted: Sun Oct 08, 2017 3:47 pm
by CrittersMinion
Web form question for CritTechers:

Name: Amy Hammack Turner

Subject: some work for the minions

Workshop: critters


Once again, I accidently used "reply all" when
writing a thank you for a critique, and was
credited for critiquing my own story, #27111.
While the minions are fixing that, perhaps they
can look into whether there is a problem with my
RFDR credits 'childhouse'. I got an email Sept.
30 that it would take "a while" for the credits
to show up on the webpage, and am wondering if it
has been longer than the usual "a while" and
whether the fact that I already critiqued an
earlier draft might have confused the issue.