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Postby admin » Sat Oct 17, 2009 3:57 am

The only moderation I'd like to see is to avoid clear-cut spam and flooding. So to start, the rules are:

(1) The focus of the announcements forum is on NEW projects you've created (e.g. software you've written or a web site you developed) so no advertising for existing products that you're simply selling. "I'm selling XYZ" is not what these forums are about. "I created XYZ" is.

(2) No posts that are purely off-topic advertising -- e.g. announcing a new book of poetry in a software forum.

(3) No bots -- you have to be a real person posting.

(4) Nothing illegal; no viruses, phishing, copyright violations, etc. Nothing illegal for minors to access (porn, drugs, gambling, etc.) since we don't have an age-verification system.

(5) No repetitive ads -- announce your new project once only, no repetitively posting it as that will drown out other people. You can announce your project via your Signature, but avoid non-substantive "me too" or "I like that" posts.

(6) Keep it civil and courteous. No flames, except in the Volcano Bar and Grill.

(7) Do not critique projects in their announced forum, unless invited to. (You may critique them in the Volcano.) Outside the Volcano, simply ignore concepts that seem impossible or crazy. Don't feed the energy monster. For example, if someone posts a project that appears to violate the laws of physics, ignore it. Pointing out that it violates the laws of physics will only lead to flame wars and noise. If it is truly impossible, ignoring it gives it the attention it deserves. (It is entirely likely that any project that appears to violate the laws of physics, for example, probably does; and does not work. However, many innovations of their day have violated the then-accepted scientific laws, and later been proven correct via the scientific method, such as relativity, quantum mechanics, etc. The scientific method is a good guideline for evaluating the true state of any given project -- especially the aspect of independent reproducibility -- but verbal arguments to-and-fro can get voluminous, so are best left to the Volcano, or omitted entirely.)
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