Outlining/Critiquing Outlines

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Outlining/Critiquing Outlines

Postby crit33888 » Sun Oct 15, 2017 7:25 pm

Hello all. Former screenwriter here. Come from the McKee school that puts heavy emphasis on outlining and tight story structure. Common for screenwriters to write a screenplay a year and to spend 9 months only outlining, then 3 months "writing" the actual screenplay.

One first outlines the broadest of strokes (act breaks/climaxes), then down to scene by scene, then down to beat by beat. Consequently, one ends with a complete version of the story at each stage of the outline which is capable of being critiqued.

Early critiques on outlines help reveal story problems before they're ingrained in the finished product and make one much more inclined to play with the story while the parts are still easy to move around and manage. Then when it comes time to actually write prose (or dialogue for a screenplay) one can focus solely on style since all the story work has been done.

Does anyone here outline this extensively, as in knowing what's going to happen in every beat in every chapter from beginning to end before you write your first sentence of your first draft?

If so, would anyone be interested in trading outlines at various stages? I'm doing chapter by chapter in broad strokes at the moment. Probably be done with it in a few months. Anyone want to go on this journey with me?
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