I've George Lucased myself and i can't stop!

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I've George Lucased myself and i can't stop!

Postby crit34369 » Sun Mar 04, 2018 8:00 pm

Hey i am brand new here, this is my first post and in fact it may be my first ever forum post anywhere unless i wrote one years ago and i can't remember. Anyway the reason I never post to forums is that as a general rule any question or opinion i have has already been asked/answered/opined numerous times so why waste anyone's time when all i really need to do is a research but that is not the case this time. I never started out to write a novel, i write songs or poems and always considered a full novel way too intimidating, I mean how would i even start? I suppose that accidentally was the only way i could have ever successfully accomplished such a thing and that was exactly what happened. Roughly ten or twelve years ago i began writing down stories which took place in the land of the Godwall and about two years ago i realized that i had way more than enough material to fill a complete book so i began putting the pieces together and in spite of myself it was completed. Then the trouble started. I have become so used to writing on this story that i cannot stop tinkering with it, adjustments, additions, you name it, I swear i am one goddamn Hayden Christensen away from my own personal Return of the Jedi catastrophe. I now have god knows how many slightly different versions of the same damn story and i am drowning. I know how insane this all sounds, basically creating special editions for something that does not even have a standard edition, and i guess i am just wondering if there is anyone else out there other than me who suffers from the same idiocy. i apologize if this is the wrong board for this topic or if i screwed up on the protocol but if anyone has any advice please help, you could be preventing another Jar-Jar Binks and i can think of no cause more noble than that.
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Re: I've George Lucased myself and i can't stop!

Postby crit19292 » Mon Mar 05, 2018 11:44 am

Glad that you enjoy what you have written. That says a lot. I hate to say it, but the thrill will settle. Hopefully you will continue to have good thoughts about your project.

First, instead of adaptations put your focus on editing, editing, editing. Make certain it is the cleanest manuscript possible. The next step I do is work on a sequel developing scenes that expand on topics in the first story. Do not relive the same events, but begin to see what more characters, cities, and other possibilities are possible. This does not just give me more material for later works, but sometimes shows me problems in the original material causing me to once again go back and edit.

The second step, the one most people focus on, is getting it published. The problem here is that editors will NOT find the love for the characters and stories that you do. Where that reality drives you, I would be interested to find out. Me, well, I went independent. Now, publishers do not want me because I went independent. Oh well, I still have my stories and I like them.
I will not deny myself having my opinions.
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Re: I've George Lucased myself and i can't stop!

Postby crit34335 » Wed Mar 21, 2018 9:12 am

So the last time that I posted on a forum I got my eye gouged out over nonsense, so let's see if I can lose my other eye.

Have you ever looked at what Bioware has done with Star Wars? Mostly in the respect of branching out your story telling abilities if anything, but the story lines they came up with went far above and beyond what George Lucas made great, then subsequently butchered in the prequels. Bioware's Star Wars the Old Republic has a rich story that takes place outside the original trilogy that is engrossing, and makes one insanely curious to know more, because in the Old Republic they introduce the Eternal Empire which is... a Third faction that exists outside the Jedi and the Sith, yet still vies for power in the galaxy!
:shock: Sacrilege, I know, but seriously I would advise checking it out, because it helps you to see that there is life beyond George Lucas and allows one to see the GREAT potential that the star wars universe had BEYOND the original trilogy. The story telling is usually under 10 minutes and the stories are excellent. I only recommend this because light sabers space ships, and aliens are cool, but dear god, how many times can you rebuild a death star? I would wager... At least one more. The old republic however, far more character driven, and the story interaction is fantastic.
If you don't like watching 7 minute videos on the internet, I've heard that Timothy Zahn has some (Trilogy centered books though) great work that has, again, transcended the George Lucas frame of reference for story telling, and helped push the characters in a new direction that was exciting and engaging to read. But watch out, it's not canon, so if Disney catches you reading it, they'll send some guys over to beat you up. (I've heard from the internet so it must be true.)
It might be what you need to help you start slowly breaking out of your remastered edition rut, and eventually maybe help you move on to the next story and even help you get this one done and published.

So there's my terrible advice, and remember, I'm like Dr. Pepper! But with salt.
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Re: I've George Lucased myself and i can't stop!

Postby crit26313 » Mon Apr 02, 2018 5:18 pm

Heya, I liked kotor/Swtor setting as well, and good luck with your creative project.
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