Streamlining Notifications

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Streamlining Notifications

Postby crit29401 » Sat Oct 19, 2013 7:52 am

Hello again.
I recieve many emails saying that I can now join some private forum to discuss something I have reviewed.
This is good, because, silly me, I sometimes loose track of what I have reviewed (since I have limited internet use at the public library, I sometimes try to send a review and get cut off half way, so it's not all just me); but it's also bad becasuse for me at least, the priority is getting a whole lot of new stories to read and review.

I was wondering if if would be possible to either send one email at the end of every month or so telling me how many private forums I could join, or have somewhere I could log into with my password which gives me a list of all the reviews I've sent and an option to sign in to the private forum next to each one?

I suspect that overfull inboxes may be a problem other users have, since we're all very busy and stuff, otherwise I woudn't have bothered you with this.
Anyway, thanks.
Name: Patrick Gill
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